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Quality Fleet at Cost-Effective Prices!

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Using Crutches After Surgery or Injury

Medical conditions of the leg are among the most common. They range from sprained ankles to damaged ligaments and tendons, joint replacement and fractures. Whatever be the cause, in most cases doctors tell patients to start walking as soon as possible after surgery/treatment. This will help to strengthen the injured leg and speed up the recovery. Walking support is usually required for a few weeks after any major leg surgery or injury. The most convenient way to get this and maximize mobility is for the patient to use crutches. Walking Walking with crutches takes a little getting used to. These tips will make the process easier: • Adjust the crutches to your height. The handles should be alongside your hips and the top should be about an inch below your armpit. • Let your forearms and hands carry your weight, not your armpits. • Keep your elbows bent so there is no excess pressure on the elbow joint. • Except on stairs or uneven surfaces, keep your e

Patient Friendly Medical Transportation!

Our courteous staff ensures that every patient is transported comfortably and safely!