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When You Can’t Drive After A Stroke

Suffering from a stroke is serious with consequences that can often be life-altering. However, advances in medicine have made it also a medical condition from which it is possible to recover to the extent that the patient is able to resume normal activities in a reasonably short period of time. However, there are several precautions that need to be taken during the recovery period and not driving is one of them. Why You Should Not Drive Driving, no matter how comfortable you are doing it, is a strain, both physical and mental. This is not something you should be subjected to while recovering from a stroke. In addition, the stroke could leave you with the following factors that could affect your ability to drive safely: Vision problems including difficulty in judging distances Confusion about road rules Fluctuating ability to focus and concentrate Slower reactions Possibility of dizzy spells or blackouts General physical and sensory debility Th