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Managing Life after a Fracture

After suffering a fracture, it’s tempting to take the easy path and lie on a couch all day, waiting for the cast to come off. That could be a big mistake. If your doctor has told you to stay as active as possible, that is exactly what you should do. There are 2 aspects to this. The first is to be active at home and the second is to go out and resume your normal activities as far as possible. Of course, everything must be done with your doctor’s approval. Staying Active At Home Make your home compatible with your mobility restrictions. Get your friends and family to help you. Rearrange furniture to create comfortable pathways and movement spaces throughout the house. All homes have clutter. Clear away all the non-essentials, especially things that can cause a fall. Remove rugs and carpets and if that is not possible, tape down the edges so you do not trip on them. Add lighting to any dimly lit places in the house and keep nightlights on at night. Install handrails on st