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The Importance of Mobility for the Elderly

One of the biggest problems with aging is the effect it has on a person’s mobility. Travelling for important appointments or for social and other commitments is not something that can be stopped. But driving can become progressively more difficult with age and the risks to both the senior who is driving;the passengers and others on the road will increase. Among the many factors that contribute to this are: Vision weakens with age but it provides over 80% of the information needed to make the right driving decisions. A person over 60 needs 10 times more light to drive safely as compared to a 20 year old. The reaction time of older drivers can be twice as long as that of younger drivers. Deciding that one is too old to drive safely is difficult. Being told so by others is hard to hear and accept. But the need to stop driving will arrive sooner or later. So what are the alternatives? The Alternatives Staying at home and cutting oneself off from the outside world is neither hea