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Things to do in San Mateo California

The city of San Mateo boasts of green landscapes, horse-racing tracks, parks, and a host of sightseeing and shopping opportunities. The city shares its name with San Mateo County, a region just south of the Silicon Valley.

Here are some of the things you can do to enjoy your stay in San Mateo


Central Park is located in the core of San Mateo. It boasts of a Japanese Tea Garden, an array of cherry blossom trees and waterfall. Apart from this, there is a miniature train that runs across the park every day during the summer months.

Coyote Point Park is another recreational area located alongside the coast along Highway 101. The highway provides mesmerizing views of the coastline, while the park features a small natural history museum and a golf course. The County of San Mateo oversees numerous county parks, such as Heritage Grove Park and Pescadero Creek Park. These parks feature swimming, hiking trails, and even horseback riding.

Art and History

San Mateo is known to possess a rich history celebrated in the form of historic sites and museums. Apart from this, societies such as the City Arts of San Mateo have created huge collection of outdoor public art inside the city. The Peninsula Art Museum features a pool of area art from both contemporary and classic artists.

Located in Redwood City, The San Mateo County History Museum boasts of the biggest stained glass windows in California. Apart from this, it has a notable collection of artifacts in the Bay Area that exhibit almost every era from the historic native tribes to the very present.

Other Activities

Lighthouses: There are several lighthouses in the Bay Area. The Point Montara Lighthouse and Pigeon Point Lighthouse are the most popular in San Mateo County. They were both constructed in the seventeenth century and offer stunning views and a historic ambiance of the rocky Northern California coast.
The interiors of San Mateo County boast of several wineries. Woodside is home to numerous popular vineyards, such as Woodside Vineyards and Thomas Fogarty Winery. Redwood City has a several wine bars that focus on serving area wines.

RV Parks: Several RV parks are located about half an hour away from Redwood City where visitors can experience several interesting activities. They can visit Tour Filoli, the grounds and house used in the famous television series, "Dynasty." Apart from this, they can also indulge in playing video games or miniature golf and practice swing in batting cages. Moreover, the city of Redwood is merely half an hour away from San Francisco, where one can explore the Golden Gate Park and Fisherman's Wharf.

San Mateo has always encouraged active community development programs to enhance the community's retail, entertainment, and dining scene. There are a variety of restaurant patrons in the Bay Area offering almost all kinds of cuisine, from continental to Chinese to sushi and Spanish.

To experience San Mateo it’s best to hire a taxi cab or travel through public transportation. However, those who have difficulty travelling in normal vehicles can avail non-medical transportation vans. These vehicles are a good choice for the elderly or those who are physically handicapped. They come equipped with life sustaining equipment and can easily hold wheelchairs, if needed. Drivers of these vans are highly trained and know the best routs possible to ensure the customers enjoy their sightseeing.

The best way to book such vans is to search for providers online. Most reputed service providers in San Mateo have websites that allow online booking and also offer contact information for details. One can also ask friends and family who have used such services in the future to make sure only the best is hired.


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