Valentine's Day Guide: San Mateo

It’s February again and the festivities have begun! Whether you're planning to go out dancing, eating, sending flowers, or buying a present for your loved one, San Mateo gives you ample of options to celebrate the holiday with a romantic flavor. Scroll through the list to see the various Valentine's Day events happening around you, as well as where you can eat in town, and what gifts you can buy.

What to do?

11th February: Saturday

In this era of web technology such as, Twitter, Facebook, computer generated e-greeting and cell phone texts, Flywheel Press is giving the community an opportunity to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” with traditional methods and delivery. This service is limited to the Burlingame and San Mateo city limits but is sure to put a smile on any receiver!

12th February: Boogie Woogie Ballroom:

From 7Pm to 12 Am, a fun event is scheduled to take place at Boogie Woogie ballroom in Foster City. The event will involve dancing, prizes, games and drawings, mixer dance, snack buffet, food and desserts. It is the best place to be for couples who love to dance.

Where to eat?

There are several restaurants in San Mateo that offer the best romantic dining experience. Reservations can be made online for the following eateries. It is a good idea to make reservations in advance, as dinner slots are likely to fill up quickly.
  • 231 Ellsworth: considered to be one of the finest restaurants in San Francisco peninsula, 231 Ellsworth is set to offer a special five course meal with options on every course.
  • All Spice: enjoy a special four course chef’s menu at All Spice, located in El Camino. The price is $75 per person.
  • Astara: this place is sure to impress any couple looking for a romantic evening out. Their seasonal winter menu and scrumptious desserts will certainly cater to every taste.
  • Fassia: this is an authentic Moroccan restaurant that offers mouth watering dishes prepared in traditional ways. It is a great place to dine if the couple is looking to explore a new cuisine.
  • Poplar Creek Grill: executive Chef Scott Kendig will serve special entrees for couples on Valentine’s Day. Dishes start from $17 and are served with a complimentary glass of champagne.

What to get your partner for Valentine’s?

Valentine’s Day is all about loving gestures and red roses. Make sure your partner feels special on this beautiful day. There are plenty of options to choose from.


San Mateo blooms with flowers shops that create beautiful arrangements at great prices. There is certainly no better way to say “I Love You” than a bouquet of your lover’s favorite flowers. Here are some shops that can be called for delivery:
  • San Mateo Florist; 2341 S El Camino Real
  • Elaine's Florist; 254 Baldwin Ave.
  • Dana's Flower Basket ; 40 37th Ave.
  • Blossoms Flower Shop; 147 Hillsdale Mall


Another popular gift during Valentine’s is a box of decadent chocolates. There are several chocolate shops in San Mateo such as,
  • Sharona's Chocolate Shop: if your partner loves truffles then this is the place you must visit. They have a huge selection of white, dark and milk chocolates that cater to everyone.
  • Sweet Factory: they offer a large selection of candy and chocolate treats. One can also find chocolate covered gourmet treats
  • Draeger's Market: The place has lots of hard to find specialty items. It is a treasure trove for people who love to eat and try out new things.
San Mateo is a great place for everyone. It offers plenty to do, see and buy for lovers of all ages. Another great thing about the county is that it offers the best transportation system. There are taxis, buses and even non-medical transportation vans for those who will like to attend events and shop for their respective partners. Non-medical transportation vans are run by private companies that can be contacted online or by looking through yellow pages. 

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