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Events Happening In San Mateo in February

San Mateo is a vibrant city that has something for everyone at any given time of the year.  Citizens and tourists have their diaries packed with parties and events to attend whole year long. Here is a list of things happening during the month of February:

The Fifth Annual Lion Dance:

Downtown San Mateo Association will sponsor the Annual Lion Dance wherein famous West Coast Lion Dance troupe will perform throughout city centers. Booths with activities will be present for family fun! Kids too will get a chance to take part as Lion Dancers and display their skills!

Family story time:

On February 1st at the Children’s area-book bubble, stories, songs and rhymes for kids under the age of 3 will be performed. All children will be accompanied by participating adults.  The event is scheduled to start at 11:15 AM.

Walking tots baby story time:

The event has been organized for babies, twelve months to 2 years, to enjoy action-packed movement, music, and short books. It is an introduction to books and reading. The event is to be held on February 13th at 11:45 AM. Children will be accompanied with adults.

Crafternoon story time:

February 5th will see the recital of engaging stories for kids of ages four to eight. The event is to be held at San Mateo’s main library at 4PM. There is no entry fee.

Valentine’s Day crafts:

At San Mateo Main Library on February 8th at 2PM children of all ages are invited to create fun valentine crafts. The entry to this event is free.

Bilingual story time:

San Mateo Main Library has organized a Bilingual story time on February 11th that will feature songs and stories in Spanish and English. This is basically for primary and preschool grade children.

Movie: "Monsters University"

The movie will be shown on February 27, at 3:30 PM at the Oak Room. It is rated G and is suggested for school age kids. It is about two mismatched monsters that overcome their differences and become best friends.

Teen Advisory Group Meeting

On Tuesday, February 18th, children have been invited to provide their feedback about library services and programs, recommend materials and books and assist in planning library programs. This is for ages thirteen and eighteen.

Lafayette String Quartet- Music Program

The event is to be held on February 20th at 7PM at San Mateo Main Library. Since 1986, Lafayette String Quartet has taken out time to entertain audiences all across Northern America and Europe.

Complete streets:

The workshop will take place on February 6th at the Oak room, public library. Workshop facilitators Paul Zykofsky and Michael Moule will tell the invitees what the complete streets policy is all about and how it can help transform the way people think about the city’s streets.

Many more events apart from these happen in the city to ensure people stay connected with each other and with their community.  While the city tries to keep everything free some of them have to be paid for. The good part is anyone, near or far, can attend these events due to a well developed transportation system. Apart from taxi cabs and mass transit, the city takes extra caution for physically challenged individuals. There are several non-medical transportation available to travel comfortably from one event to another. These vans are mostly run by private transportation companies and are available at competitive prices. Drivers are well trained and vehicles are equipped with state of the art gadgets such as GPS systems and credit card machines for the convenience of the customers. Vehicles can also be booked online through the provider’s website.


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