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Events Happening In San Mateo during January

San Mateo holds a variety of events every month to keep its visitors and residents busy. There is something that caters to people of all ages and tastes. Here is a list of activities happening in San Mateo in the month of January:

Interesting activities and events for Children:

Family story time (at children’s area, Book Bubble):

The event is to be held in January 2014 and will comprise of songs, rhymes and stories for kids under the age of three. Children will be accompanied by participating adults.

Family Pajama story time (at Hillsdale library):

The affair will include finger plays and stories oriented for primary grades and older preschool.

Toddle Story time (at Marina library):

The event will be held in January 2014 and will comprise of rhymes and stories for kids, while accompanied by adults.

Baby and Me Lapsit (at children’s area, book bubble):

On January 23rd, Infants of age 1 year or less can enjoy bounces, music, rhymes on the laps of adults accompanying them. It is to promote learning skills among children.

Poetry & Essay Contest (at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center):

This essay and poetry contest is set to take place on January 15. For registration, kids need to pick up an entry form at the center. Children up to grade four can create poems or short stories while grades five to twelve, can write a poem or an essay. The main aim of the contest is to promote creativity.

Events for Adults:

Movie night, January 16 (at San Mateo Senior Center)

The Senior Center will be featuring a 1950’s hit movie every Thursday at around one in the noon all January. Movies that may get featured include: On the Waterfront, starring Eva Marie Saint, Marlon Brando, Karl Malden, Rod Steiger, Lee J. Cobb.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration

In the afternoon of January 18, birthday celebration of Dr. King will begin. The day is also recognized as a national holiday. Guest Speakers, music, entertainment and announcement of the poetry/essay awards winners will be the order of the day.

Getting to The events:

San Mateo is located conveniently near south of San Francisco, and forty minutes from San Jose at the north. Sacramento, the state capital of California, is only a few hours drive. There are also three airports within thirty minutes of San Mateo. To travel locally, one can get mass transit such as buses or yellow cabs. One can also use rail services to travel to just about anywhere within Northern California.

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San Mateo is certainly a great place to be during January. There is always something going on to keep the children and adults busy. Whether it’s revering the classics or getting recognized for one’s talent, San Mateo never disappoints anyone!


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