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Where to Find Events Happening in San Mateo

From taking a limo tour on an iconic highway, to going tide pooling, and from cozying up to a warm fire and roasting marshmallows at the beach to zooming along the Pacific Ocean. There is so much to do in a place like San Mateo, all year long. Moreover, the entertainment is not limited to beautiful excursions. There are several events as well that take place in the county to satisfy the vacation appetite of the tourists.

September and October itself see a lot of interesting events in several cities of the county. Some of the most popular are:

Palo Alto Farmers Market

These markets play a big role in protecting the diversity of Californian agriculture by offering marketing outlets for ethnic, no pesticide, organic and other crops not grown widely on a big scale or found in traditional stores.

Golden Gate Bay Cruise

At merely $16-$24, visitors can aboard the Red and White Fleet to experience the San Francisco Bay. The excursion involves sailing around Alcatraz and under the Golden Gate. The cruise tours about eight to ten times in a day.

Downtown San Mateo Wine Walk 2013

The walk is set to take place on October 5, 2013. With wines from more than twenty five wineries, attendees can taste more than fifty varietals and savor light bites at different "tasting rooms". The event has been planned to end close to dinner, so that visitors can stay and enjoy one of the fine dining restaurants downtown.

Beta Tasting At Bay Meadows

People can try out new delicious dishes prepared specially for them by some of the local food trucks. They will get the chance to vote on more than thirty test kitchen dishes from more than fifteen food trucks. All dishes will be at $5, while vegetarian options will also be available. Kids under 10 will be allowed to enter for free. The event is set to take place on October 5.

Whole Kids Foundation Event

The event involves a healthy eating work shop to show mothers how to make snacks that are nutritious for kid’s lunches. The workshop will run for 30 minutes.

Kabuki Participants can join the San Mateo Kabuki Club for classes that are set to happen on the first Sunday of every month. The films are in Japanese, with proper introduction and synopsis provided in English. The club will be led by two knowledgeable and passionate experts of Kabuki.

Flower and Garden Show

The tickets to this show will include admission to meet vendors, view displays and exhibitions and be part of demonstrations and scheduled speaker seminars. Interested persons can also enroll in workshops to learn more.

How to book such events?

There are several ways to book a seat at these events. One of such ways is online ticket reservation. Tickets bought on-line receive a confirmation via email with a specific link to print the eTickets through the computer. These tickets then have to be shown to the concerned authority at the event to get entry. The conventional way of booking is by visiting the specific place and buying the ticket through the counter.

Traveling to and from events should be one of the biggest concerns of participants. Since food and wine tasting events involve alcohol, it is important for enthusiasts to keep themselves safe by hiring a cab or using public transportation. Also, people who cannot ride city transportation can hire non-medical transportation vans. These vehicles come with proper equipment to safely transport an individual who might even be in a wheelchair. Non-medical transportation companies ensure no one is left behind when it comes to participation and enjoying an event at the beautiful San Mateo County.


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