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San Mateo - The Best Location for Teachers

Teaching in a place like San Mateo has its own benefits. Being an affluent community, San Mateo ensures that its teachers are paid well.  In fact, based on the recent figures most of the county’s districts have an average salary of above $80,000. Some figures also go up to $115,456. These numbers include dental or medical benefits, stipends, and pensions. Apart from this, teachers also enjoy several other benefits. For instance, they get paid extra if they agree to do over time.

However, a great career is not the only reason why San Mateo is known to be a haven for teachers or people that are a part of the academic team. San Mateo has an incredible mix of people, a pleasant downtown park, great climate and almost anything a resident may need handy. There is no need to drive too long to spend a day at the beach or hike in the woods. In about twenty minutes the resident can get into the city for some cultural and sport activities. There are also several physical activities available. For instance, to unwind from a tiring day at school, teachers can take up yoga classes, fitness training classes, or even meditation classes.

Community colleges:

San Mateo is also home to a community college known as the College of San Mateo. This campus of more than ten thousand students is situated on 153 acres in foothills that provide an amazing view of the San Francisco Bay. Apart from this, other universities include Stanford University situated about twelve miles to the south and Notre Dame de Namur University.

San Mateo also encourages adult education. Hence, teachers with a full time career can also enroll themselves in courses to study further. In fact, there are several scholarship programs that can be availed if the person makes it to the merit list.


Traveling in and around San Mateo is extremely easy. Transport is very well developed with several major freeways including, Interstate 280, U.S. Route 101, and State Route 92, passing through the area. SamTrans offers local bus service to the entire county. There is also a commuter rail service with three stations in the city of San Mateo. Extra trains are also run to at times when passenger traffic is heavy.

One of the best parts of living is San Mateo is that the place caters to people of all kinds. In fact there are special travel arrangements for people with permanent and temporary disabilities that render them immobile. For instance, one of the best ways to travel, for students and teachers with physical impairments, is to take a medical transportation van. There are several operators in the county that offer such services. These providers offer door to door facilities and state of the art vans comprising of GPS system, life sustaining equipment and even an attendant, if needed.  The drivers of these vehicles are well trained and courteous. They ensure complete customer satisfaction.      

Nothing is more fun than living in a city that offers overall satisfaction. A place that boosts a career, helps sustain a great lifestyle, and also looks after those that need special help. In fact, people with disability are heavily benefited from living in a place like San Mateo and getting medical transportation. The service helps them stay independent and mobile. The best way to know about such services is to log onto the internet. The World Wide Web lists a variety of companies in the county that offer this facility. Users can filter out the provider that best suits their needs.


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