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Advantages of Wheelchair Accessible Vans

San Mateo County is situated in the San Francisco Bay Area and envelopes almost all of San Francisco Peninsula. Hence, covering the entire area requires a comfortable mode of transportation, particularly if you’re physically disabled or are suffering from health issues that restrict your movement. The best way to travel in such situations is by hiring a wheelchair accessible van. Wheelchair accessible vans include a variety of automobiles that have been customized to enhance the internal size of the motor vehicle and to furnish it with a powered lift or a ramp that allows access to people in wheelchairs.

There are several advantages of traveling in a wheelchair accessible van. In fact, some of the advantages are pretty obvious.

For the physically disabled, wheelchairs are mandatory. Hence, they need to carry these scooters along, wherever they go. A wheelchair accessible van has a lot of space to easily carry passengers and their equipment. Also, because of the in-built lift in these vans, transporting the machinery is extremely easy. Some of these automobiles also have lowered floors so that the patient can get inside the vehicle independently.

Lowered floors provide the most comfortable ride for passengers that are physically challenged. Since there is no need for hoists or lifts on these vehicles, getting in necessitates wheeling in the machine smoothly with the help of a ramp. Enhanced space in the wheelchair accessible van also increases comfort for the patient. Both these features combined with less shocks and jolts while driving offer a truly comfortable experience.

The greatest benefit of these vans is that they offer mobility challenged people the chance to stay independent and drive on their own. Before the development of such vehicles disabled individuals could only wish to be passengers in their wheelchair accessible vans. But today it is very easy for them to stay self-sufficient with the capacity to drive anywhere they want.

Types of Wheelchair Accessible Vans:
There are two entry types: rear-entry and side-entry. The location of the entry impacts the storage space, parking options, seating positions, and ability to lodge other passengers.

The various benefits of a side-entry vehicle include, sitting in the wheelchair at the front (next to the driver), exiting and entering curbside and improved storage space. Drawbacks of such a style are that it needs extra room for the deployment of the ramp. Unfortunately, some driveways are not broad enough to adjust to the automobile. Hence, travelers have problem getting in and out. 

Rear-entry offers more ground clearance and extra room for long wheelchairs. Limitations of rear-entry styles are that they offer entry and exit from the traffic area, and lesser storage space.

The technological breakthrough of wheelchair accessible vehicles has considerably improved the traveling experience of people who are physically challenged.  There are several companies in San Mateo that offer wheelchair accessible vans for tourists and locals alike. These vehicles are extremely spacious and equipped with state of the art gadgets that help keep the patient entertained and safe. Some of the providers also have a trained fleet of medical experts that make sure passengers are at no discomfort during the journey.   The drivers of these vans are also well versed with the shortest routes and destinations of San Mateo. Hence, there is no need to carry maps or an itinerary.

These vehicles are also equipped with GPS systems that ensure timely arrival of the travelers at their destination. Most of these van providers have their own websites and offer online booking. Users simply have to fill up a form and they receive conformation of their booking shortly after. 


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