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San Mateo: The Perfect Vacation Spot for seniors

San Mateo County is known for several nice beaches that old people can visit for leisure and relaxation. Here are some of the best sea shores for seniors:

Bean Hollow State Beach
Bean Hollow state beach is situated close to the southern end of the county, in an area that is three miles south of Pescadero. The beach has a sizable, flat, sandy region and a rocky terrace wherein nature trails have been established.

Seniors can also visit the place with their dogs. The pets can be walked with leash at both the sandy part and the walking trail. Apart from this, there are also attractive tide-pooling opportunities. In comparison to other beaches, Bean Hollow is somewhat un-crowded even though the parking can still reach capacity over the weekends.

Blufftop Coastal Park
Also called Poplar State Beach, it is situated within few blocks from downtown Half Moon Bay. It is a great place for picnic, relaxation and hiking. The beach is an extremely popular destination for people residing close to the coast.

Cowell Ranch Beach
Cowell Ranch Beach is believed to be one of the prettiest beaches on San Mateo Coast. It's extremely quiet and great for relaxing and savoring the views. The two main activities at the beach include bird watching and watching harbor seals. However, the public is not allowed to view the animals too closely.
The beach is about four miles from Half Moon bay. The parking area is located at the west side of California highway 1.

Pebble Beach
Apart from the usual sand along the coast, Pebble Beach is also covered with stones. The most fascinating thing about the coast is taking long walks, while looking at these interesting pebbles. Apart from this, a lot of people also go fishing at this shore. One of the reasons the beach is convenient for seniors is because it has restrooms and eating joints.

Bean Hollow is south of Half Moon Bay and about three miles south of Pescadero on California highway 1.

Pomponio State Beach
Pomponio State Beach is known to possess several attractions. Apart from the soft sand, visitors can also indulge in barbeque grills, picnics, and a lot more. It is a great place for seniors looking to enjoy the weekend. The beach is located on California Highway 1, close to the Half Moon Bay.

Travel for senior citizens:
Different people age differently, while some can drive till eighty, others have to give up sooner than later. The truth is older people are at a higher risk of accidents than other age groups. In such situations one of the best ways for travel is by using a medical transportation van. There are numerous companies in San Mateo that offer door-to-door medical transit for people who can’t use a personal vehicle or the City’s public transit system due to health problems such as physical impairment.

These vans come with state of the art life sustaining equipment. Some of the facilities include:
  • Wheelchair lifts that are ADA compliant
  • Stretchers
  • Qualified, experienced medical team
  • Medical equipment
These vans are great for old people who want to travel to the coast line for leisure. The best part is that the patients can relax during the journey while watching the traffic and scenery through the window. They always have an attendant with them, so in case of an emergency the professional can take over and provide the right treatment. The drivers of such vans are also well versed with the shortest routes, which helps in reaching the destination without wasting time.


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